Mora & Danny Ocean – EIVISSA

Mora and Danny Ocean EIVISSA Mp3 Download

A Puerto Rican producer-turned-artist wrote “Paraso.”

Puerto Rico’s Mora has played back-to-back gigs around Europe. He traveled and heard music. Deep house and Balearic music kept Ibiza’s dance floors packed.

“I told Rolling Stone after my tour, ‘I’m heading to Ibiza.'” Gabriel Mora Quintero, 26, stayed for four weeks. Before he understood what he was doing, he released “Paradiso.” He says, “Party!” “BPM makes dancing simpler. It’s new for me.”

Second year record. Last year, he released Microdosis. He fused tropical, electronic, and reggaeton music with melancholy lyrics, showing he was a rebel. Mora’s travels have made 2022 his busiest and most inventive year yet. When he chats to Rolling Stone, he’s still recovering from his Puerto Rico homecoming event in October. “In Puerto Rico,” he says. “You love your people. Despite nervousness, we triumphed.”

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