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Matt Watson went on to make more music after his successful mixtape, OUCH!, was released on September 4, 2020. Matt has been teasering his fans with songs for years, and now, after they’ve grown accustomed to his music, he’s finally releasing his debut album.

SEE YOU THERE was supposed to be released on October 28th. However, because streaming services refused to accept the album, Matt had to postpone the release date to November 7.

Watson was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and raised there. His first YouTube video was in 2014, when he founded the sketch comedy group Kids with Problems.

Watson began working with Ryan Magee and Daniel Kyre on their already-running sketch comedy channel, Cyndago, in the summer of the following year. During this time, he and the other two became editors for the Let’s Player Markiplier.

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