Album: Sizzy Rocket – Live Laugh Love

Sizzy Rocket Live Laugh Love Album Download ZIP

Sabrina Louise Bernstein is Sizzy Rocket. Ziggy Stardust inspired the name.

Rocket explores the love, sex, and drug madness of her native Las Vegas.

She auditioned for America’s Got Talent as Bri in 2009.

Under her Sizzy Rocket alias, she first gained attention by reworking Beastie Boys’ “Girls” in 2014.

She’s written for Timeflies (“All The Way”), Hey Violet (“ODD”), Matoma (“Slow”), and Bea Miller (“Motherlove”).

Rocket founded Shiny Wet Machine and Diet Punk Records in 2016. The label was renamed lost chrry records in February 2020.


  1. Rockshow in the Basement
  2. Live Laugh Love
  3. Wendy’s Parking Lot
  4. Degenerate Anthem
  6. All I Ever Wanted
  7. Rebel Revolution
  8. Metallic
  9. Suck My Luv
  10. Broken Record
  11. Picasso ft. VINCINT
  12. Lasso the Moon
  13. Wild Woman
  14. Elephant
  15. With My Idols

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