Album: Omah Lay – Boy Alone

Omah Lay

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Boy Alone: A Symphony of Hedonism and Introspection. In his lyrics, Omah Lay discusses his experiences. overcoming his sensuality, his demons, and everything in between.



Nobody could have foreseen that the youngster from the Port Harcourt, Stanley Omah Didia, would carry so much of the praise on his shoulders.



The rise of Omah Lay and the drop in the BPM of Nigerian mainstream music happened at the same time. The Port Harcourt native combines sensuous vocals with a beautiful pen, picture-like, provocative writing with casual thoughts on love, romance, and sex, in addition to his youthful good looks.


Boy Alone Tracklist:

  1. Recognize
  2. I
  3. Bend You
  4. Woman
  5. I’m A Mess
  6. Temptations
  7. Understand
  8. Never Forget
  9. Safe Haven
  10. Attention (feat. Justin Bieber)
  11. Soso
  12. How To Luv
  13. Tell Everybody (feat. Tay Iwar)
  14. Purple Song

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